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I want to Bridge the Divide

5th September, 2020
It might be a surprise
just what it took, to prize
this story from our hearts and into the parts
of our daily lives for you to see us,
To feel us,
To understand us
I want to bridge the divide
I want to talk under the same roof
about the proof,
that living like this was not my choice
that life gave me this gift,
to lift,
and share with you all
just what my pain has been
and what I’ve seen
I want you to walk in my shoes
I didn’t choose
I want to bridge the divide
We live in a world that says motherhood is the good
way to live and be,
Not so to me
I’m proof
Under your roof
That living the life unexpected is just as amazing
Filled with joy
Its not my ploy
To hide the grief
I can linger, or be brief
Its real but its raw
Its steel but it’s a soft paw
touching you on your arm
saying, I bring no harm
I want to bridge the divide
We are fulfilled
We are women
Walk in my shoes
I didn’t choose
Whether we’re mothers or not, we are ALL women of this world
I want to BRIDGE the DIVIDE