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Motherless Tupperware

25th June, 2020

I held a Tupperware party about 10 years ago… loved it and loved the modular set I ended up with. I invited friends who were diverse in nature. They were my friends; I didn’t really think about it, but they were all women.

This week I joined an online Tupperware party (thanks COVID), I didn’t know anyone else in the group other than the women who invited me, a lovely woman I worked with over 10 years ago is genuinely one of those kind, nice folk.

All good, I had been thinking about adding a couple of Tupperware items to the collection, so this was a great opportunity.

I had a conflict at the time with another ZOOM session (thanks COVID) so could listen to ZOOM meeting and read the LIVE thread on Facebook for the Tupperware party.

Perhaps I’m giving too much detail but I’m setting the scene….

Tracy, the Tupperware sales lady had an icebreaker (read competition). I love a quiz, unsociably competitive at times so loved the idea of this.

Tracy was going to ask questions and best answers had potential for free delivery (who really cared what the prized was I was in with glee)


Round 1

Name an excuse you might give your spouse for placing an order with me?

Ok, slightly awkward, no spouse, never been married in this house but that’s ok, let’s own it. My answer

“No Spouse, just me to consult with!”

I few other great responses but I got the win, 5 points to me.


Round 2

Name something of yours you look at and say “what was I thinking when I got that”

Hmmm, very tempted to say my ex but someone else got in first with husband so they took it out.

Round 3

Name a place a mum might go when she needs peace and quiet.

Oh, I’m 46 and don’t have kids, I’m not a mum. There is clearly a theme in these questions and I’m not the target but I’m not going to be deterred. I’m still jollied by my first-round win, so I respond.

“After a busy day with 2 active babies I get the youngest settled in her kennel and the eldest can fall asleep on my lap while I watch an episode of Mind Heist”

I was in love with my answer! Lol, I was jubilant. Bring it on Tracy….3 other answers involving hiding in the car, bedroom and behind headphones.

Do you know what happened, Tracy gave a love emoji to all the responses but mine (not even a like actually) …It was ignored. Did she not like my answer or was my childfree response not fair sport? I don’t know but my light hearted engagement in this game was chipped at.

Question 4 was a benign question about you can’t do without Tupperware item, I had a paper cut (to quote a new friend) from the last question so gave an equally average answer about my red measuring bowl. The winner won nominating the Tupperware agent, suck.

I’m stuck on question 3, what happened? So, I give Tracy the night to respond with an emoji…. but she doesn’t, I must call her out on it, it’s not a simple game anymore, I’ve been marginalised, and Tracey has just reinforced the invisible motherless woman. So, I add a comment.

“I thought my answer was pretty good given you asked a question which excluded over 40%* of our female population. You chose to give heart emoji’s to all but my response. Curious Tracy.”

I felt proud of myself for calling this out on Tracy, I mean what century are we in anyway? Tupperware isn’t for married mothers, so many minorities were excluded by these questions. *Of those with the ability to buy Tupperware my 40% was an educated guess but you know “Facebook” everyone’s an expert.

I wanted to give Tracy a chance to respond, so left if for 24 hours. That was yesterday. Tracy left the statement out there…. Ignored, a position I find myself in often but had never really taken just a position to call it out.

So, what started as a fun game for me has left me with a bad taste. Not only did I play along with the game when it wasn’t meant for me, but I wasn’t even acknowledged in the end. I felt like the fat kid who didn’t get picked for the team. Tracy didn’t respond but neither did anyone else. Did I scare them with this conversation?

I feel it’s my motherless duty to press on with this conversation and let them all know how this lack of response made me feel (hollow). Show them the facts on motherless numbers, explain my situation, express the demographics that Tupperware were missing out on in sales… send a cute dog or cat meme.

Or maybe it just wasn’t a great answer.

In any case I didn’t buy any Tupperware from Tracy.

PS I added a comment for Tracy.

Hi Tracy, I really hoped you’d reach out to respond to my thoughts. I am a mother to 2 fur babies and your lack of response is an all too common scenario for childfree women. I hope this at least serves to make you think about your questions in the future, or at least acknowledge diversity. SF you’re a gem and

I mean no disrespect to you, thank you for the invite.

I am going to take my business elsewhere though.

I do wish you the very best in your business venture <3

I never got a response.